Mommy, I'm hungry..
I'm sorry. We haven't eaten anything for two days.. 
Rebecca, can I leave you alone, just for a bit? 
Promise me to stay here, no matter what! 
I'm gonna go buy something to eat!


New redraw.


Favorite Female Executive Officers of Baroque Works


So, i planned to upload this on friday but yes, nevermind.
It’s been a while since i did a ff, so here i am!
I just want to thank you all for your awesome work here, you make my dash amazing and if you don’t know me, well, i am the one who reblogs everthing from your blog ;)

keep doing as you have been doing! :)


Hello there, Qis here to present my first follow forever in celebration of 1000+ followers o.o Frankly, I’m not sure how it happened, but I am so thankful to everyone! This is actually a side-blog, so I message and follow with the username lonelywhale (in case any of you are checking) and I never expected to get so many followers here.

Thank you all these wonderful and talented people for making my dash and tumblr experience great! Forgive me if I forgot anyone, I’m a forgetful child ;A; Without further ado, here they are…

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I’m a bad conversation starter so I don’t talk to many of you (ones I follow, and ones who follow me), but to the ones I have HELLO! I’ll try to put more of an effort in the future :p

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, special thanks again to all my followers <3 Really, thank you everyone :D


Luffy Riding on Kyro’s Shoulders Chapter 754

this is adorable